Selected films, not dance

These films are for the most part experimental, having often been made under self-imposed constraints or embodying conceptual approaches. Others are scripted. Invaiably they have been filmed and edited by Adam.

Remake, for example, takes scenes from a dubbed Italian remake of Franju's Eyes Without A Face, restaging its shots but without the presence of actors; 3 is a two screen video in which one actor can see the other but not the other way round (vice versa on the other screen) while the camera abides by rules about panning that connect with line of sight; and Trims presents a reel of 'rushes', from which the selected parts have been removed by an editor, so that what remains is a negative cast (so to speak) of the edited film.

Mickey Finn, a scripted drama, won the Grand Prix du Jury at 1992 Angers Premiers Plans International Film Festival (when the jury comprised Chantal Akerman, André Techiné, Fabienne Babe, Anna Galiena, Igor Minaiev, Vincent Perez, and Don Boyd).

Outside, a graduation project made at Goldsmiths College, won bronze at the Festival of Nations (Austria) short film festival in 1991. This film is now lost.

Rights apply in all cases.



Super-8 film, 4:3, monochome

digital transfer

31 minutes

Published on DVD by filmarmalade

Reshooting of another film, minus its cast,

which was itself a remake of a remake.

notes and credits


1997, edit revised 2009

Super-16 film, 1.78:1, colour

12 minutes

BFI/Channel 4

Published on DVD by filmarmalade

A Saki story in minimal narrative terms.

A set of rituals and rhythms.

notes and credits



2 channel video

MiniDV, 16:9, colour

looped, 23 minute example

Raquel Cassidy and Gerad Bell on two screens.

In each case, one can see the other but not vice versa.

notes and credits


1994, edit revised 2020

35mm film, 1.85:1, colour

digital transfer

12 minutes

BFI/Channel 4

Sophocles' Antigone in a contemporary setting.

Cathy Tyson struggles with the weight of injustice.

notes and credits

Mickey Finn


16mm film, 4:3, monochrome

digital transfer

25 minutes

A first film made with help from friends.

Winner of the Grand Prix du Jury, Festival d'Angers 1992.

Jury included André Téchiné & Chantal Akerman.

notes and credits