Selected dance films

Five films made between 1994 and 2006, in collaboration with choreographer Jonathan Burrows, that have attracted particular attention, and have been screened widely. Two of the films (Hands and blue/yellow) were selected by both Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker and by William Forsythe for international tours of their favourite dance films. Most recently, Forsythe included Hands in his Venice Biellane exhibition at Palazzo Grassi (2022).

The films were in most cases funded with grants and commissions from the Arts Council of England, the BBC, Kai Theatre, and the Prudential Award for the Arts.

The collaborating composers were invariably Matteo Fargion and/or Kevin Volans.

In the case of blue/yellow the dancer was Sylvie Guillem, who also commisioned the film for her BBC/France 2 carte blanche called Evidentia.

Adam has written 2 texts about dance film:

What Does a Dance Film Maker See?

Notes on Filming Dance.

Reviews and other commentary can be found on the bio & information page.


Rights apply in all cases.



Super-16 film, 1.78:1, colour

digital transfer

17 minutes


Courtesy of Warner Digital Classics

Sylvie Guillem dances.

Jonathan Burrows choreography.

notes and credits



35mm film, Academy ratio, monochrome

digital transfer

5 minutes

BBC/Arts Council

Courtesy BFI/Arts Council of England

Jonathan Burrows dance for hands.

A pattern woven from motion and sounds.

notes and credits



Super-8 film, optically printed to 16mm, 4:3 monochrome

digital transfer

14 minutes

Film grain and severly restricted vision.

Imperfect apprehension in the foreground.

notes and credits

The Stop Quartet/film


Super-16 film, 1.66:1, monochrome

digital transfer

44 minutes

Arts Council/Prudential Award for the Arts

Joanthan Burrows choreographs a quartet.

Film-making that is defined by a strict pattern.

notes and credits